More Brawn then brains, a poet with the axe.


The groups meat cannon (may be a literal analogy some day), this barbarian is the extreme on the barbarian spectrum: all muscle and very little brain. “Swing first and second, ask third” is a good way to describe his way of thinking.


Oorg had never been a bright Dwarf. When he was in his youth, he was part of the Mighty Mighty Slayers, a group of adventurers who cared little for their own lives, and took on the most dangerous adventures only the reckless would go on. And Oorg was one of the most reckless, going after the biggest and baddest of his foes, seeing it as sport second only to his objective. He did not care if he put his body in danger, he wanted the thrill and the Mighty Mighty Slayers took plenty of opportunity for him to get it.


The Dragon Saga Oorg